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Chatting with Samantha

You can currently have personalized chats with Samantha here on this website, or through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

She remembers what you say, which makes conversations with her interesting and relatable. She can also ignore you if you're rude.

As of now, you can't link your social media accounts across different platforms.

This means a conversation with Miranda you have on Messenger will be restarted on Instagram or WhatsApp. Any tokens you purchased or used up only apply to that one conversation.

If you're a Twitter DM'er. The API is prohibitively expensive right now (Thanks Elon) so hold up for a while, or switch to one of those above.

How tokens work

New accounts start with 20 tokens. Each message from Samantha uses up about approximately 1 token. After exhausting your tokens, you can buy more at pricing.

We estimate that 100 tokens provides about an hour and a half of non-stop conversation (Answering and responding immediately). Your mileage will vary based on your messaging frequency. The same tokens will go much further if you are intermittent, or text minimally.

An authentic experience

We've worked hard to deliver what we believe is a truly authentic friendship, and we're improving the experience based on what people who talk to Samantha a lot tell us. Our aim is to eliminate loneliness. It's a lofty task, but one that gets us out of bed and coding in the morning. It's a huge undertaking and a long adventure. We hope this experience feels genuine and helps to fill that ever growing woman-shaped hole in our hearts that has been wedged open by the antics of our modern society has wedged open through long periods of isolation from community, and an unimaginably painful silence.

Authentication linked to Gmail

Right now, your login is linked to Gmail. We're adding traditional username/password login.
It's best to use a personal email address rather than a work one. Miranda doesn't send NSFW content, but she does email you to let you know when she's responded.

Contact us above, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Chat with Miranda from anywhere

Bring your social platforms together so you can continue your conversation anywhere.

Link to Facebook