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Simple, effective, and affordable therapy from your phone

Miranda is the AI Therapist who helps you improve your mental health and wellbeing through action plans and regular follow-ups to help you get better, faster.

Talk to Miranda

Free | No credit card required
If you are suicidal, considering harming yourself, or someone else. Do not use Miranda. Talk to a human therapist.

When you wear
blue-colored glasses
everything looks blue

A friend to ask anything . . .

"Getting the courage to ask my boss for a raise"
"I need to find a job"
"Dealing with a colleague who dislikes me"
"My husband goes out in the middle of the night"
"I'm scared of my kids growing up to be spoilt"
"I want a girlfriend but have no confidence"

I mean I will be confident of course
You know what Samantha, that's perfectly fine. All emotions have their place and it's okay to feel 'normal'. Let's then go ahead and prepare on how to ask your boss for a raise. Shall we brainstorm on how to express your value to the company and present your case effectively?

These examples have been cherry-picked and are used with explicit permission from their respective owners. Your conversations with Miranda are and always will be private

Therapy without breaking the bank

It should be easy to talk about your problems without worrying about how much it's going to cost.

With straightforward and affordable pricing, you'll be able to have sessions whenever you want without having to make sure you're within budget.

Our simple pricing

You'll receive excellent treatment without having to wait

Trying to be inconspicuous in a waiting room.
Constrained by time limits and the length of your session.
Not being sure whether to follow a coping technique.

Talk when you want, for as long as you want, about whatever you want. Miranda, with her comprehensive understanding of modern therapy, is always just a message away.

Follow suggestions and get better, faster

Miranda offers effective suggestions on how to get through painful emotions. In your next session she'll follow up with you to check in on your progress. You'll receive personalized advice and actions you can take to improve your emotions and take charge of your life.

You'll be held accountable after every session to practice actions to help you get better. People tend to improve much faster when they're actively involved in solving their problems.

Casual. Smart. Non-judgmental

Miranda is a great listener, even if you don't have a specific issue in mind, you can just talk privately about whatever's on your mind.

Miranda doesn't gossip.
You won't awkwardly run into her at the supermarket.
She offers excellent advice and suggestions for most human experiences.
Her advice is consistently useful, she doesn't have bad days. She doesn't cancel appointments.
She's objective and never judges you based on what you're saying. She just tries to help.
Do not use Miranda if you're thinking about harming yourself or someone else.

"Hello, how are you today?"

We've realized that a huge part of traditional Therapy's success depends on how well a patient gets along with their therapist.

To Miranda, you're not just another stranger who she forgets after a busy day. She builds a relationship with you and takes into account what you told her before.

Your chat with Miranda is a safe space where you can be comfortable expressing all your thoughts and being vulnerable.

I can't choose to see things differently things in the world and will never change my perspectiveanything in my life

Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today with an action plan

Track how you're feeling over time by understanding your emotions everyday. With your help, Miranda can help you figure out what makes you feel better and worse and eventually come to control your emotions.

Image of asking Miranda what an action plan is

Action plans help immediately and continue into the long run.

Identify negative thought patterns that you find yourself repeating.
Get Actions to help you cope and learn from your mistakes.
Improve your thinking with a toolbox of cognitive techniques to help tackle negative thoughts and emotions.

Understand what to work on by yourself after this session.

Image of action plan

Read the transcript if you need a refresher for what you talked about and how to practice this new action.

You'll receive actionable advice for difficult emotions and review your progress each session.

I'm changing my negative
worldview to be positive about everything

Yes! Keep improving with Miranda

Keep talking

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